Monday, February 11, 2013

Myfreecams Best Free cam Shows From the free cam authority!

Myfreecams Best Free cam Shows From the free cam authority!

MyFreeCams Best ShowsMy Free Cams and Chaturbate Shows alerted here by the myfreecams twitter alert account, also alerting other adult video chat free cam sites. Such as Chaturbate, Livejasmin, Streamate and more. Get tips on how to get access to group shows without tokens and private shows. Also get access to the best public shows any time.
Free cams live member video chat - Chaturbate adult cam Sex

Cam4, Chaturbate and my free Webcam sites similar chaturbate and in general seem to be the wave of the future as far as online porn goes. As with anything, adult entertainment has its own progression and evolution. From Beta to VHS to HD DVD, BLURAY, then tube porn sites. Tube porn sites are still very popular and remain the number 1 way people consume their porn today at sites such as xhamster exploded onto the scene out of nowhere in the late 90s. The same way webcam sites are now. Now tube sites are everywhere and they all have the same content. user base is spread out among any. But the originals live on. It will be the same with webcam websites the originals like: flirt4free, myfreecams, mfc, streamate, imlive, peekshows and of course Chaturbate will be the leaders in the next generation online porn entertainment industry.

Chaturbate has lagged behind in the race between adult webcam sites to deliver their members the best and funnest new features and rewards due to the insane rate at which the chaturbate community expanded. As they focused on upgrading server capacity and dealing with the support required for a member base this large. other live sex videochat sites like Myfreecams, flirt4free, streamate and cam4 developed new features and rewards for members such as MFC's unlimited name change feature once you reach 1000 honor points. Or access to the lounge1000 when you reach 1000 honor points. Lounge1000 is one of the highest rated features of any webcam site according to recent member feedback.

Now that the chaturbate community is alive and continuing to develope. It's finally time for chaturbate to start releasing some long requested features such as a lounge room for members to interact with the community. Rewards and account upgrades for long time members who spend a lot on tokens. The reason these type of things are needed so much on chaturbate is to preserve the value and worth of a long time members account. I.E A long time myfreecams member may be very reluctant to leave or switch to a new webcam site because of the great cost and time spent on the current account. The value of the account has increased with the members time and activity on the site. Thus keeping that member tied to the website and content to call it home and not look for other alternative cam sites.

However with chaturbate. There is not much difference between a long time member account and a brand new one. this may cause members to treat the account recklessly and in many cases just forget about it and instead of say recovering your lost password with your email address. Just creating a new account all together. But that is soon coming to a change as chaturbate releases new features in overdrive mode!

Myfreecams show alerts are available on twitter which you can see to the right of this
or on tumblr at Myfreecams tumblr . I have also been getting a lot of requests for how to get access to free group shows and private shows. Well this is not possible on some of the adult video chat free cams websites. Chaturbate, you can use the free tokens affiliate program, similar to myfreecams, Livejasmine and streamate it is not possible that i know of. they do have their own afiliate programs but they do not offer free tokens or free shows. There is also a way to capture private or group shows that you are not a part of. This is only possible on some sites and is not well known. I will not post how to do that on this blog but there is a free cams forum where you can ask these types of questions. Below is one live sample room from chaturbate which is free to join using only an email address with the free cam show link above.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chaturbate Best live cam site 2013 - MFC look out!

Chaturbtae Awarded the coveted Live adult webcam site of the year! 

Chaturbate Is the new cam on the block. Just over 1 year online and already a slew of achievments including the AVN best live cam site of the YEAR 2012! and over 10 million dollars payed out. Chaturbate is on track to be the next success story of the internet. While the ones banking on chaturbate are lining their pockets with cash. the rest of the online porn industry is taking a beating.

I easily used to see cam girls with 1000 people in their video chat room and 200 just hanging out before or after a show. Now,  they are lucky to have 100 hanging out and 400 during a show. Within the first hour on Chaturbate i saw girls with over 5000 people in their room. One couple made a 6000 token goal in 1 hour for a facial (that is where a guy cums on a girls face) if you didn't know.

Chaturbate allows models of all genders and sexual preference whereas MyFreeCams only allows female models. Anyone can broadcast and earn tokens as long as they are age verified. Broadcasters can also share tokens between themselves. If I earn a thousand tokens I have to option to tip them to someone else before I cash them in.

The war between Chaturbate and the rest of the adult webcam business heats up! nobody wants to see chaturbate win!

The top cams of the hour are awarded a prize. First place is $10 and second is $5. Top cams are kind of ran like camscore and based on the number of people in your room and how many tips you receive. As far as I know, there is no time penalty which is the best thing. You are never penalized for being on cam and not earning fast enough.

The settings Chaturbate has wins over MFC by a mile on some things. On Chaturbate you can set your own rates for group and privates. You can select how many people you need for group, how many tokens to spy, and also how many tokens a user must have before initiating a private. There is also the option to have a fan club where people pay a set amount of tokens monthly for a service such as videos or pictures.

Chaturbate continues to release more new features while myfreecams gets stale.

Another neat thing about Chaturbate is the way the chatroom works. Broadcasters can promote their friends to moderators and not have to worry about silencing and kicking idiots. If a mod leaves your room they are automatically demoted and you should find a new one or have several. There is also the option to silence certain people.

On MFC models have the option to mute guest and basic members. Chaturbate has a more advanced and helpful way of filtering your room. You can allow anyone who has ever tipped you to chat, friends only, people who tipped today, or everyone. It really helps silence the freeloaders even more. Muting guests and basics does no good if you have premiums who act the same.

Chaturbate helps you identify different members based on color. MFC displays premiums with bright colorful text, basics as unbolded blue, and guest are black. Chaturbate displays your fan club members as green, members WITH tokens in color, moderators as red, and the tokenless as grey.

A few things MFC has that Chaturbate does not is the inner mail messaging system and an advanced profile system. Chaturbate has a simple bio area that is not very customizable. If Chaturbate were to add these few things, MFC might have a run for its money in the future.