Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Adult blogs made Simple - How to make an adult blog

How to make an Adult Blog Free With Blogger

Live adult webcam blogs They have been around for a few years. But just recently have they started to become mail stream

Become a real Adult website blogger.Webcams are changing the face of the adult online Sex and porn industry! take advantage of them with Quick and easy blogs that generate thousands of viewers per day in as little as 1 month. Blogging for less then an hour a day you can build an empire. Hundreds of adult webcam blog sites that refer people to real free cam sex sites. Then you generate money from those members for the rest of your life.

Here is a simple Live adult webcam sample guide that i snipped together from some Online question answering websites. Free, Quick and easy 1. 2. 3. presto adult video chat and webcam blog ready to make money right out of the gate.


    • 1
      Decide on the kind of adult blog you want to start or run by thinking about your content and your readership. Many sites that call themselves adult blogs are pornography sites with a blog address. More successful, but rare, versions of the adult blogs are sites, such as Regina Lynn's SexRev 2.0, where the blog owner discusses adult themed topics and attracts a stable audience of loyal readers.
    • 2
      Consider using an adult blog hosting network such as Thumblogger.com where you have a bit more freedom when it comes to the nature of your content. You can also use these blog hosting services' networking tools and features which will help promote your blog during its incubation period.
    • 3
      Register your blog with as many adult blog directories as you can so that you're licking into a number of different networks that can help you propel the blog to even higher ratings.
    • 4
      Run new content frequently, as least once a day but preferably more, so readers constantly have new material to check out. Also, start specific columns and news feeds so that you offer your audience an array of different kinds of content.
    • 5
      Add as many different types of media, from photos to video to sound, as you possible can. Try to give your images a certain kind of style so readers recognize them as yours.
    • 6
      Use the blog to promote community causes such as petitions or awareness campaigns since activism projects like these allow you start a community while connecting with other bloggers.

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Chuturbate's live cam girls doing sex shows and Free c2c

Chaturbate Free cams Can't be compared. My Free Cams vs Chaturbate Free Cams Sex blog!

Free WebCam sex at chaturbate and live c2c

Free cams?, how do you get free mfc, chaturbate tokens? or how about streamate gold. for gold shows. And credits from Flirt4free. So by now you have heard private sex cam shows and public cam shows and you’ve probably wondered what all the buzz and hype about free webcams is? Well its the sexiest, hottest, naughtiest, most well thought out adult entertainment business in history. There are many adult webcam sites that offer free live shows. Some have limitations about what happens in public vs pvt. Some cam sites have more of an anything goes policy toward public sex cam shows.

How to get Free Cam2cam w/ live girls webcam  

Sites like MyFreecams, chaturbate and flirt4free can be addicting so be Careful, Free Cam shows with free tokens is the best way to do it if you are going to watch live cams. Might as well do it right Chaturbate is a new adult webcam video chat website similar to myfreecams. But in some ways it is more like camfuze. camfuze is a webcam site that does not allow tipping. As chaturbate used to be. But camfuze does not have as many quality broadcasters of course with no possibility to tip. Even camfuze now asks members if they should start to allow tips.

Chaturbate Makes new changes adds new features and continues to get better.

Chaturbate recently made that change and when they did membership becan to increase at an alarming rate.If your interested in chaturbate. Which does offer a free token program. Or you can make money instead of free tokens on chaturbate you can do either. Just for referring members.

You may become Addicted to watching Cam sex, Live webcam shows or "CAM to CAM"!

If you want to skip all the BS and get a free account on the best free cams site there is click Chaturbate Best cams free account link HERE the first free cam site of its kind not to even ask for an email address. Well anyway, onto Myfreecams Free Tokens!!!

Myfreecams always has been the king of cams sites. Recently Chaturbate has burst onto the scene offering its own brand of free cams, Now chaturbate free cams unlike myfreecams allows anyone to broadcast. you can only get tokens if you verify with identifcation. But this means since it is much easier to broadcast that many times there will be many more free cams on chaturbate then on my free cams.  and whats better? 

Check out Part 3 of this blog to find out more about live cam sex. Free cam to cam, chat with real cam girls. Learn how to get webcam sex with cam girls any time for FREE!!

 How to get Free tokens on webcam sites.

Click here for Flirt4Free free cams, the best video quality and best girls but the "free cam shows" are not always as free. Like streamate You may have to take the girls to a private session in order to get the action you want.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chaturbate Blog adult webcam real members cam2cam videochat

Myfreecams, and cam sites like Chaturbate.

Chaturbaters Let's start at the beginning for those of you that don't remember how the old adult webcam sites used to be. But first take a look at this google trends screencap. Which clearly shows the explosion of growth from Chaturbate. If you want to skip straight to why Chaturbate is the new MFC skip the next paragraph. If you don't give a fuck and just want the free hardcore public cam shows just go straight to Chaturbate It is COMPLETELY FREE to register a regular user account just like My free cams

Free cams are Very new Free cams site. Similar to Myfreecams (The Current most popular adult webcam Site.) But why are people calling Chaturbate the "New Myfreecams." Chaturbate Members as most of you probably know Myfreecams basically revolutionized the entire Adult webcam video chat industry, and divided webcam Video chat Websites as we know them into 2 Era's Pre MFC, and post MFC. Chaturbating members know that recently all that has changed when Chaturbate exploded onto the scene out of nowhere. To understand fully.

Chaturbate Live webcam member site chaturbate's Free public video chat from Chaturbate.com the leader in free webcams

Myfreecams may be the most popular cam girl video chat website but it is far from the oldest or most established Free cams sites. The 2 most well known original Freecams sites that come to mind are Livejasmin and Streamate. Although you could hardly call them free cams sites back then. In the old days of Adult video chat sites you only had a couple options for getting Cam shows. There was normal Private. The girls set their own price for pvt and it could range anywhere from about 1.50 per minute for Cheap dirty girls. The more popular girls could charge anywhere up to 5.$ per minute or more.. This was for a private that was basically a group because other people could join in the private at the same rate. no discount like the Voyeur modes that you see on free cams sites today. Then there was the 2nd type of private. Similar to myfreecams "true private" Streamate called it "exclusive" Other cam sites called it by different names but it was still the same thing. a very expensive true private where you were forced to go if you wanted any type of decent show. Then along came Myfreecams. 

The introduction of public webcam shows on a large scale. Where the main form of shows done by the girls are FREE and in public chat. Instead of 1 user paying a very high price Many members could get together and help pay for better, longer, public shows. This was great for the members but the people who get most benefit are the basic member accounts. who don't tip for the shows. but still chat and make requests. With myfreecams being so insanely good compared to the others for free members. It spread like wildfire Forcing the other webcam sites to either add new features and offers to compete or get crushed as many of the original webcam sites were. And that brings us to now the age of chaturbte. as you can see from the picture above it took Myfreecams almost 4 years to catch livejasmin in search trends. But at the current rate of growth Chaturbate will catch myfreecams in less then half that. Now i will explain why Chaturbators are going crazy over chaturbate.com the newest Free cams site

Click here to join Chaturbate for free with no email or verification required!.

Chaturbate has a very similar design and feel to myfreecams. I think this was the best thing they could do. rather then try to make the site look and feel different then what people were used to. Chaturbate took the approach of looking and feeling the same. So guests are immediately comfortable. And soon create Free basic Member accounts Which like myfreecams offers the insanely successful Free token for referring friends program.. of course Chaturbater also has private and group options like the rest. But like myfreecams you don't see that very much. The reason is because public shows are so convenient for members and models. So far you probably think it sounds exactly the same as myfreecams. which let's admit, would still be better then the other adult chat cam sex sites. But there are a couple of very important differences that set Chaturbate models apart from the crowd. 1st and in my opinion most importantly There is no camscore system. I won't go into details about the camscore system but it is the most often criticized things about myfreecams.

Chaturbate does not use the "camscore system" Camscore is not fair! The problem explained.

Camscore basically determines the order in which models are listed on the front page. or in lower camscore cases 2nd 3rd page etc.. Since camscore is a complicated formula of Money earned divided by hours online. (with many more smaller factors) It causes models to get extremely impatient if they don't receive tips fast enough. And rightfully so they are worried that if they spend to long on cam. Their camscore will drop thus pushing their link even further down the pages. This also sometimes limits the length and quality of the public shows because models will want to get done as quick as they can so they can either get offline and stop camscore from decreasing. or start another show countdown. But with chaturbate. The system in my opinion is much a much better and cleaner formula. On chaturbate each model can have followers. :Like adding a model to your friends list but It pushes the order in which they are listed up. it also takes into account other things tokens earned. total # of people in the room on average etc. But nowhere in the formula does it penalize the models for staying online and doing what they are there to do. Work and provide shows for members. on chaturbate instead of a model wanting to finish a show quickly and leave to preserve camscore. they may want to do an even longer better show to get more members in their room and more followers. Which creaters a bigger fan base. And pushes you higher up the list.
One other very important difference that sets Chaturbate far ahead of even the current best free cams site is They are very picky with who is allowed to broadcast when it comes to studios and low quality cams. So not only are the models on the site better. The lack of studios means there are MANY fewer models on the site. This in a way is great for the members and models. because with less models and more members. Each models room will have more members in it. which makes it easier for the models to get tips. 

Chaturbate is also easier for members and less expensive because more people are helping with countdowns. In fact i have seen countdowns drop so fast that some models will make public show after show. of course for some of those rooms 1000 people are watching free at all times. But there are more then enough paying members to get the public shows going fast so the Free members don't have to wait so long feeling awkward that they  can't tip While the model is screaming at people she needs to go offline before her camscore drops. There are some other features such as fanclubs and hourly room bonuses and more. But at this point i think i have said enough. I'll let you head on over to Chaturbate and see why people are calling it the "New Myfreecams"